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Buea denizens refuse to succumb to threats from ‘Amba Boys’

A cross section of the population of the South West Regional Capital Buea, has today, Friday, April 20, 2018, refused…

A cross section of the population of the South West Regional Capital Buea, has today, Friday, April 20, 2018, refused to succumb to threats of an imminent attack issued by the restoration forces.

Early last week, a video surfaced on social media in which a faction of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) dubbed the Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors, issued an ultimatum to all Government officials in Buea to vacate the capital of former West Cameroon before April 20, 2018, or face their wrath.

Going by the Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors, they were moving in to reclaim the capital of their country from foreign occupation. They also cautioned the population of Buea and other towns in Fako Division to purchase foodstuff and other basic necessities and stuck in their homes.

“We know that delivering our capital will not be a walk in the park, but we are ready,” the warriors had stated.

As soon as the video post went viral on social media, civil servants started avoiding their offices for fear of the unknown. However, as the April 20 deadline given by the Separatist forces for Government officials to leave the capital of former Southern Cameroons was fast approaching, military officers in Buea were placed on a red alert.

In the early hours of today, Friday, April 20, many people were plunged into total confusion; some had barred their children form going to school, others stayed away from their work places, while the military was combat ready.

However, as the clock chimed 9:00am, a cross section of the population started going about their daily activities unperturbed, taxis and motor bike resumed circulation, though under strict security watch.

Speaking to Journalducameroun.com one of the Police Commissioners in Buea said they are also ready to welcome the Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors to Buea.

According to him, security officers cannot sit back and watch some unguarded miscreants threaten the territorial integrity of the country.   As at now, an uneasy calm reigns in Buea

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