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Boko Haram promises to attack Yaounde, decapitate President Biya

In a new video posted online, the group mocks Cameroon’s army and promises to strike five regions of the country…

In a new video posted online, the group mocks Cameroon’s army and promises to strike five regions of the country

Boko Haram released a new video over the weekend. The video posted on Youtube on April 1, by TheSimonAtebaTV, is the first video in which leaders of the Nigeria-based terror group speak in French, displaying ammunitions and supplies supposedly belonging to Cameroonian soldiers.

“I will decapitate you Paul Biya with the left hand, be ready,” one of the fighters says in French, holding up President Biya’s photo in a news magazine. The terrorist who refers to President Biya as the great Christian, drops the magazine to the ground and stamps his foot on it, reiterating his desire to chop off Biya’s head.

He also insults the Cameroonian Head of State, calling him a sluggard in the video which is about six minutes and thirty seconds long. The lone speaker in the video which opens with heavy firing of gunshots, tells residents of Maroua, Garoua, Ngaoundere and Ebolowa that they are coming for them.

“We are ready to come. We are on our way to Maroua, Garoua and Ngaoundere. We are on our way to Ebolowa, Yaounde…we will arrive in God’s name,” he says.

Besides the utterances, the man who appears to be one of the commanders of the terror group brags about chasing away Cameroonian soldiers from their camp. “These are shoes they left behind, these are their helmets they left behind, these are their mats for prayers they left behind. They are fighting God and praying again. I do not understand why you’re still praying?” the so-called jihadist says in French.

The Nigeria terrorist group extended its activities to Cameroon in 2014. It insurgents have so far killed more than 150 Cameroonian soldiers and about 2000 civilians in more than 500 attacks. Weakened by a joint multinational taskforce made up of soldiers from countries of the Lake Chad basin, the so-called Islamist group changed its modus operandi in the past couple of years.

They switched from attacking villages in groups to using children as suicide bombers. Reports say the group has killed over 50 Cameroonians in suicide bombings while sixty other bombers blew up themselves without killing anyone else. The latest suicide attack took place in the town of Mora today, March 3; only the two attackers were killed.

Both Cameroonian and Nigerian governments have repeatedly stated that the war against Boko Haram is almost over. The group was recently chased out of its abode in the Sambiza forest in Nigeria. Sources say what is left of the gang is hiding in the Mandara moutains in Cameroon’s Far North region and some areas around the Lake Chad.



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