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Biya brags over 34 year old rule in Italy

Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, has flaunted his 34 year old regime to the world while in Italy on a state…

Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, has flaunted his 34 year old regime to the world while in Italy on a state visit.

Meeting with business men in Italy, March 22, President Biya boasted on his long stay in power and is quoted as having credited his regime for every success Cameroon has recorded so far.

To Biya, his 34 year old rule is a new governance benchmark worth emulating. “Cameroon is stable, it is even rare today to find a government which has lasted for over 30 years, that is the case of Cameroon…”

The confident Head of state said that his government is putting in place structures to combat corruption in order to make the business climate conducive for trade. He is also quoted to have downplayed the ongoing anglophone crisis, insisting that the crisis is not a big deal because dialogue is already underway.  The Head of State told his Italian counterpart that the anglophone problem will be resolve within the ambits of the constitution.

Biya’s declaration in Italy has caused an uproar on social media by critics of his regime. The blame him for fraudulent elections, presenting facts of recent injustices and arbitrary arrest of peaceful protesters as a pointer to the fact that he is a danger to the country’s future. According to an article in East African Magazine, Biya is one of Africa’s presidential “sit-tighters” who have seemingly eternalised their stay in power through fraudulent elections. Biya, who is 84, is the second oldest African President after President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, 89.

In 2008, he revised the 1996 Constitution to remove Presidential term limits, allowing him to contest and win the 2011 election. Biya is now serving the fourth year in his seven-year term. Asked earlier in 2016 if he would run in 2018, Biya, said: “It is not he who wants, but he who can lead Cameroon”.




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