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Barrister Bobga Harmony speaks out about meeting with Baba Dan Pullo

Barrister Bobga Harmony, President of the North West Lawyers Association, NOWELA has spoken out about his meeting with Cameroon's richest…

Barrister Bobga Harmony, President of the North West Lawyers Association, NOWELA has spoken out about his meeting with Cameroon’s richest man, Alhadji Baba Dan Pullo. The Barrister who fled to the United States of America when government starting arresting leaders of the so-called Anglophone Struggle, explained in detail, the reasons for the meeting. (Click here for video).

In an interview with press, Barrister Bobga pointed out that he and Dan Pullo were neither friends nor business partners when the strike started- pointing out certain aspects of the businessman’s way of life that he found unpleasant.

According to Bobga’s narration, Dan Pullo was acting on the instructions of President Paul Biya. He said when the business tycoon called him and ask him to outline the grievances of Common Law lawyers for onward transmission to the Head of State, he (Bobga) insisted he is not the sole leader of the protest. Barrister Bobga narrated how he struggled to bring together, the Presidents of Fako Lawyers Association, Manyu Lawyers Association, and Meme Lawyers Association. It was a team of four leaders of Common Law lawyers association that had to meet with Dan Pullo, President Biya’s mediator.

Going by Bobga, only two of them made the trip to Ndawara. Barrister Felix Agbor Balla of Fako Lawyers Association could not make it because he lost his dad while Barrister Elias Eyambe of Meme Lawyers Association also failed to make it. As for the teachers, Bobga said only Dr Fontem Neba took part in the meeting in Ndawara and as SG of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, he also included in his list, grievances which were not those of teachers. Tassang Wilfred, he said, told them he could not fail to go to church because of the meeting which was scheduled to take place on a Sunday.

Barrister Bobga, pointed out that the communique which they wrote in the presence of Nyoh Moses, former CRTV journalist and close aide of Baba Dan Pullo, was later presented and adopted during a Common Law lawyers’ meeting in the South West region.He refuted allegations that he stroke a deal with the business tycoon and says they were all agreed that presenting their grievances to President Biya through Dan Pullo was a good idea.

The legal mind also used the interview as an opportunity to implored people who still believe some shady deal took place during the meeting, to request the full video of the meeting which was covered by France 24. Barrister Bobga suggested that people throwing dirt on his name are those who think that the Independence of Southern Cameroons is already at hand and they are trying to each get a chunk of it. He cautions the journey to independence is a long one and people of his generation may be too old to lead by the time the independence comes.

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