Atanga Nji, rewarded for denying existence of Anglophone crisis?

A staunch and fervent ally of Paul Biya over the decades, Paul Atanga Nji has been handed the herculean task…

A staunch and fervent ally of Paul Biya over the decades, Paul Atanga Nji has been handed the herculean task of managing a ministry that has been at the heart of the storm in the past 18 months-The Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Ten Governors, 58 Senior Divisional Officers, 360 Divisional Officers, under his control. That is how big Paul Atanga Nji has grown. Thanks to Paul Biya’s pen.

Permanent Secretary at the national security council, (now) former Minister at the Presidency in charge of special duties, Atanga Paul Nji is Paul Biya’s go to man.

Accompanying the Head of State at all important summits and meetings out of the country, the 58-year old has built a strong bond with his namesake which has lead many to describe him as Paul Biya’s secret eyes.

Atanga Nji, the controversial Paul

Not a very popular figure for some of his stance and utterances- notably his continuous denial of the existence of an Anglophone problem, Atanga Nji has been thrown into the ring.

At the Ministry of Territorital Administration, he will be charged with managing the Regional and local authorities in a crucial phase of the Anglophone crisis.

Atanga Nji, CPDM « elite » from the Mezam Division, attempted to defy the population and organise CPDM celebrations in honour of Paul Biya on 6 November in Bamenda only to meet a fierce opposition from the public that turned violent.

Trusted sources point to his strong implication in the arrest and extradiction of the separatist leaders in his capacity at the natiobal security council and his strong relations with top Nigerian Generals.

Like the biblical Paul, will he make a U-turn from his original stance on the Anglophone crisis to admit its existence and work with local authorities under his jurisdiction to seek a lasting solution to the problem ? Only time will tell.

Highlights of his career

Paul Atanga Nji:(Minister of Territorial Administration)

2007 : Stunned all his party members in 2007 to beat former Bamenda Government Delegate, Abel Ndeh to become Mezam I CPDM Section President.

-Immediately appointed Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, position he held till date

-Appointed Permanent Secretary at the National Security Council a few years back,

2010 : Created the first ever CPDM Ntarikon II Sub section of the CPDM in the stronghold of main opposition leaded Ni John Fru Ndi  ahead of the 50 anniversary celebrations of the Armed Forces in Bamenda. First sub-section of its kind to be created around the area since 1990.

2013 : Launched a strong CPDM campaigned  that finally defeated and ousted the SDF from the Bamenda I council.
-Currently CPDM Coordinator for the Mezam Division.

-Publisher of Hot News

October 2016 : Defiantly denies the existence of the Anglophone crisis live on Television

November 6, 2016: almost lynched by the population in Bamenda for attempting to organise a CPDM event in the heart of the Anglophone crisis

March 2018 : Appointed Minister of Territorial Administration.