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Anglophones in Belgium warned not to return Cameroon

Cameroonians living in Belgium, some of whom have acquired Belgian nationality have been advised not to return home. The advice…

Cameroonians living in Belgium, some of whom have acquired Belgian nationality have been advised not to return home. The advice is contained in a note circulating on social media. The note was issued by the Belgian chapter of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC- a separatist movement outlawed in Cameroon.

The travel advice is part of a note convening a grand meeting of the group in Antwerp for the election of its new Belgian bureau.  The group had been claiming that all Anglophone Cameroonians living in Belgium are arrested upon their arrival when they step foot on Cameroonian territory. This, they claim, was prompted by the shaming of a government delegation in Brussels earlier this month.

The delegation led by Laurent Esso, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals was disgraced as it attempted to “explain” to Cameroonians in Brussels, what is happening in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. The delegation was told the over 9-month crisis can only be resolved through dialogue with its initial leaders, some of whom are facing trial at the military tribunal in Yaounde.

Mbengwi explosives culprit was framed

Going by the statement from Anglophone Cameroonians living in Belgium, Alfred Dasi who government claims stocked explosive devices and other military armour in a bunker in Mbengwi was framed. A press statement by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Government spokesman said the suspect is “Member of Ambazonia and main leader of the “Liberation Movement of Southern Cameroons”.

Canal 2 International reported that investigations by its reporters in Mbengwi showed the house in which the police retrieved the military equipment belongs to a retired gendarmerie officer who had gone blind.

Kadi Cisse, a social media activist shares the same point of view. In a one-hour live broadcast on Facecbook over the weekend, she said government is planting evidence to justify its claims that agitating Anglophone Cameroonians are terrorists.

Tassang, Sisiku awaited in Belgium

It was also said in the press statement that Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, current president of a consortium of separatist movements and his vice, Wilfred Tassang are expected to visit the Belgian “Southern Cameroons Council”. Also expected as part of their suit are Prof Carlson Anyangwe and Milan Atam.

Going by the statement, the delegation would spend two weeks in Europe for a “meet-the-people, fundraising and diplomatic tour.”

Cameroon government is yet to issue a statement on claims that people are arrested at Cameroonian airports and taken to unknown detention facilities.