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Anglophone regions gulps bulk of bilingual teachers

The South West and North West regions of Cameroon has taken 865 out of the one thousand bilingual teachers recruited for…

The South West and North West regions of Cameroon has taken 865 out of the one thousand bilingual teachers recruited for schools across the national territory.

The information was made public in a decree signed in Yaounde on Friday, April 20, by the Minister of Secondary Education, Dr. Nalova Lyonga.

According to the communiqué of the Minister of Secondary Education, this batch of teachers was made available to the civil service by President Paul Biya in order to solve the problem of teacher shortage in the English-speaking subsystem. In 2016, Anglophone teachers raised the issue of the shortage of teachers in the English-speaking Regions as one of the problems the educational system is suffering in this part of the country. This deficiency has been at the origin of several movements in this part of Cameroon, which has been experiencing a socio-political crisis since the end of 2016.

It would be recalled that President Biya had in 2017 ordered for the recruitment of some 1,000 bilingual teachers nationwide. As a result of this, 1,000 bilingual teachers were recruited in 2017 after a public examination was launched in order to redress the issue of shortage of teachers in the science and technical subjects.

In January 2018, after the recruitment process, some 336 candidates were pre-selected from the Northwest Region. To mitigate this situation, the Government has just assigned 865 bilingual teachers in schools across the national territory, mainly in the Southwest and Northwest Regions. The decision is the result of the work of the extraordinary session of the National Commission for posting and transfer of staff of the Ministry of Secondary Education. The recruitment process awarded positions to both French and English teachers as follows:

In the Technical field, there are 12 English subjects as well as 12 French subjects with a whopping 423 places for English subjects as against 107 for French subjects. In the scientific field, there are five English subjects and the same number for French subjects, with 372 places for English subjects and 205 for French subjects. In all, English subjects carry the lion’s share with 795 places against only 205 for French subjects.

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