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Anglophone Protests: Jakiri Parish Priest, 40 others arrested

The parish priest of the Catholic Church in Jakiri has been arrested alongside forty other citizens including teachers of a…

The parish priest of the Catholic Church in Jakiri has been arrested alongside forty other citizens including teachers of a Jakiri government school. Reports by the French language daily Le Messager say there were arrested Thursday February 9, after a morning mass and taken to an unknown destination.

The informant who spoke to Le Messager said no one is aware of the whereabouts of those arrested. The source said that there are indications that schools will not resume soon. This he said, is owed, partly to the fact that security forces are everywhere looking for people to arrest. The source said tens of people were arrested when a group of visibly angry citizens tried to block security forces from arresting a school principal whose school had been partly burnt down.

Other sources say the clashes between security forces and the people of Jakiri resulted in the death of one citizen. Several other people are said to have been injured in the confrontations. Two days after the incident in Bui division of the North West region, similar clashes took place in Ndop, Ngohkentunji division where at least two people were killed. Just like the clashes in Jakiri, the incident in Ndop was related to the on-going crisis rocking the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

Meanwhile, in Bambili, a few kilometers from Ndop, Akume Daniel Akume, Director of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College (HTTC) of the University of Bamenda, issued an ultimatum for students to return to school by February 15. Despite the fact that classes had been paralyzes since November 21, 2016, the college director informed students that the first semester examination for levels 300 and 500 were scheduled to run from February 15 to 20 beginning each day at 7am.

Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, Goverrnor of the region, for his part, equally stated categorically that schools must resume in the region regardless of the on-going protests, characterized by ghost towns and threats on citizens who defy calls for civil disobedience.

The leaders of the on-going protest which is evidently no longer a teachers and lawyers strike, insist any dialogue with government should have only one thing on the agenda- the organization of a referendum that would possibly restore the federal system of government that existed in the country at the wake of reunification of West and East Cameroon.

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