Anglophone crisis: UN exhorts gov’t to reinstate internet, release arrested leaders

The United Nations, UN, has urged the government of Cameroon to restore internet services in anglophone Cameroon and free all…

The United Nations, UN, has urged the government of Cameroon to restore internet services in anglophone Cameroon and free all arrested in connection with the anglophone crisis.

The world’s top body stance was made by François Louncény Fall, UN special representative of the secretary-general and head of the UN regional office for central Africa, on April 12 in yaounde.

During his visit, which is the fourth since the crisis began in October 2016, François Louncény Fall met with top government officials like the secretary general of the presidency, minister of Justice, minister of external relations, and delegate general of the national security, to make the UN’s request known.

On what was discussed in those meetings, Fall told reporters during a press conference that the UN appreciated government’s recent move through ministry of justice to increase the number of english-speaking magistrates in the supreme court amongst others but believes that resolving the crisis will require the release of  all anglophone leaders arrested in connection with this crisis.

“In the course of our exchange we expressed the fact that the United Nations appreciates the measures announced by the minister of Justice which are likely to lead to a settlement of the grievances which have been brought forward by the teacher’s trade unions and the common law lawyers. Taking into account these developments, we hope that the implementation of these promises will be carried out and that this will be done quickly but we urge rapid resolution of the socio-political crisis that has grounded the anglophone Cameroon for almost six months. We believe this can be achieved with the restoration of internet and the release of the anglophone leaders “.

Louncény Fall equally revealed that he visited the Kondengui central prison where he met with Agbor Balla and Mancho Bibixy, who among 27 others face death penalty for charges of terrorism. “We ask and wish that the detainees be released. We visited them and we expressed this wish this morning to the Minister of Justice. We also criticise internet shutdown in Cameroon’s two english speaking regions which is causing Cameroon’s economy a lot “the diplomat said.

Only the future will tell if government will heed to the UN’s plea however, the next hearing for the arrested leaders with 27 others is scheduled for April 27.


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