As Anglophone Crisis Deepens: New Generation Kom Elites Write Kith, Kin

A letter of love and encouragement to the people of Kom in a moment of crisis Our beloved People of…

A letter of love and encouragement to the people of Kom in a moment of crisis

Our beloved People of Kom,

As your brothers and sisters, we are pleased to write to you at this trying moment in the history of our land when our cherished values of communal love, unity and compassion are being put to test. We are aware that since November 2016, the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have been going through a protracted socio-political crisis that must bother every concerned Cameroonian. We cannot pretend to be indifferent about the current effects of the crisis on the Kom community and the damage it is likely to cause to our beloved people in the long run. In the circumstances, we are moved by pure love and compassion to write this letter of love and encouragement to you at this tempting moment of our ethnic history. We hope that our God-fearing advice will appeal to your strong sense of moral rectitude and the communal spirit that have always defined the Kom people. We hope that you will be moved by our time tested words of wisdom which teach us that a fly that rejects advice follows a corpse to the grave. No doubts, we are your brothers and sisters but it is prudent at this point to say who we are and the capacity in which we are writing.

We are a non-partisan budding group of Kom people resident in Kom and out of Kom. Created in October, 2016 and based on its loving intentions, the group has been namedIkong-i-Kom, loosely translated into English as “love for Kom”. Since the start of the group, membership has been determined by the ability and willingness of any individual from Kom origin to sacrifice morally and materially for the welfare of Kom sons and daughters. This means that any Kom man or woman who sympathizes with our philanthropic intent for the Kom people has all the freedom to join Ikong-i-Kom. Our budding group intends to leave no stone unturned to ensure the welfare of Kom people especially in the areas of education, culture and other aspects of social welfare.

Our beloved brothers and sisters, our advice to you in this open letter falls within the objectives of our group. It is an advice borne out of absolute honesty and objective truth. It is an advice not to be neglected because whoever neglects the truth rides on destructive falsehood and heads for a doom. It is a fearless advice that breathes an air of truth and should be kept to guide our off springs in the future. We are so sure of the advice that we are giving you. We know that there are always people who are prone to reject good counsel but those who shall ignore it shall have every reason to regret when the truth will prevail. Our dear people, take our advice now as we begin with our beloved traditional authorities of the Kom land.

Our dear traditional and cultural leaders, permit us to start by appreciating your maturity and peace loving attitude during this period of crisis. We have had you in our prayers and unlike elsewhere you have conscientiously ensured a serene atmosphere in Kom, void of wanton destruction and deadly treats on human lives. Your behaviour indeed has been exemplary to the younger generations. We, therefore, encourage you to continue to watch out for   damaging messages that tend to threaten our unity and love for one another. We know that you are the custodians of our culture and that without our cherished culture; our identity as Kom people is put to question. We call on you our dear leaders to search into the storehouse of our native wisdom and teach the younger generations those great values of our people.

Teach them that time has come when we need sound education to sustain our cultural dignity in a fast evolving world. Teach them to shun acts of disobedience, disorder and destruction and to follow the timeless wisdom of our forefathers. Teach them that the modern day school is the only light of the modern world and whoever moves away from it climbs the trees. Teach them that education turns our children into our eyes and ears in a world that is fast reducing into a global village. Teach them that only the school will give them the wings to fly and meet their great brothers and sisters in their comfort abroad. Teach them that education has greater advantages than getting white collar jobs. Please teach them! Watch out for ghost towns and school boycott in Kom and call on your loving children to return to the house of knowledge in September 2017. Let us start with the teachers in whose hands the destiny of our children lies.

Our beloved teachers, we have the honour to recognize you as people of a noble profession. We know that no educational system rises beyond the quality of its teachers. We do appreciate you for the quality of education that you have been giving our children. You are the salt of the earth and we all know what can happen if the salt loses its saltiness. We encourage you to respect the ethics of your noble profession. We know you as people who must not be misled by unverifiable claims. We know that your profession gives you the ability to search for facts. Yes with your intellect and science of investigation you cannot be deceived to sacrifice your own children. We encourage you to always act on the strength of your findings.

As we struggle to assist you in your noble task in the classroom, please get set to teach our children in September 2017. Teach them your core values of honesty and hard work. Teach them the tricks of the wicked. Let they understand that the wicked may sacrifice the education of the children and even their souls for personal gains. Teach them that all their dreams, including the best system of government, will come through proper learning. School boycott stifles reason and may drag a generation back to barbarism. Teach them the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln to his son’s teacher. Teach them that learning is an adventure that might take them across the continent. Teach them that all men are not just and that all men are not true and that they must have faith in their own ideas even if everyone tells them they are wrong. Your role in our community is golden but if gold can rust what will iron do?

Our dear parents, we must admit that your choice for nonviolence in a moment of crisis is a sign of wisdom. As responsible parents, you have remained still in the face of that confusion and frustration that the crisis has brought. We know that you have had the misfortune to see your beloved children get pregnant in their innocence and ignorance. Many more have gone beyond unwanted pregnancies and now suffer incurable diseases. Some have disappeared from homes to unknown destinations while others are loose and buried in drug addiction. We know you are wondering how any gains of the crisis can ever repair this great damage. But we thank God that you are strong and that He will give you the energy to overcome these challenges and get our dear children back to the rails. Yes, the return to school is what will rescue our dear children from this frustration. Remember the words of old which teach that children are our firewood at our old ages. Will the children truly play that role if they continue to stay out of school? We must use our eyes to see today else we will use them to cry tomorrow. Let us adopt a Christian solution to the crisis.

Yes, Dear Christians, we believe that the bible has a solution to every problem. It has a solution to every problem under the heavens. Christians need it most in times of crisis like this. They do not need to create or forward unverifiable rumour on the social media, rather they need to filter every message through the teachings of the bible. We may want to read Prov. 9:9, Prov. 10:17, Prov. 4:5-6, Prov. 22:6, Col. 2:8, 2 Tim. 3:7 etc. about teaching and learning. It is high time we sought biblical verses that recommend learning. Our dear Christians remember that we were created only to serve God. Any other activity, like the crisis, may only be a satanic strategy to lure us into the fangs of Lucifer.

Disobedience to the authorities is unscriptural and we must desist from it. Even fear comes from the devil. Imagine you and your God on the Day of Judgment. What shall we individually tell our Lord about the crisis? That we were deceived by the social media or that many people sinned in the crisis and we did too? Let us come out from amongst them and be separate. Let us bear in mind that salvation is personal and move towards it in the fear of the Lord. We know that stiff naked Christians shall not sleep until they find isolated verses to contradict our biblical advice but even then they shall be working for their damnation by quoting such scriptures against the divine truth. We advise you our dear people of God, dare not contradict His word, but go into the world and preach in the nook and cranny and encourage the children to go back to school in September 2017. Let us truly fear God and do His will.

Now, our dear youths, brothers and sisters in business, bike riders, taxi drivers and all social groups, we are pleased to say that we love you. We thank you for your option of non-violence during this period of crisis. You have demonstrated your love for our land. Do not destroy our property as it has been done elsewhere. Do not threaten the lives of our brothers and sisters for that is not our culture. We encourage you to go about your businesses prayerfully and in strict respect of the laws of your land for it is also a spiritual advice. Love one another and have no evil intent against a fellow brother or sister. Remember the frustration we went through in our myth of origin when our people were deceived and killed like flies.

Be wise! Do not be deceived by people who pretend that you are lost or that the aim of your education was to get white collar jobs. NO! Education is the only light in the 21st century. Education fits us into the present world. No Kom man or woman will live comfortably in America, Europe, Asia etc. without education. We hope that those well-educated brothers and sisters of ours living abroad will join us to encourage our dear people of Kom never to stay away from school. Continue to work hard for   no one knows what he or she is until he/she is lowered into the grave. Stay calm and keep praying. Pray that the school children be protected by God.

Our dear politicians, we wish you well in your political ambitions especially in 2018. You have proven your worth as politicians. May the Lord protect you. We pray that all the people of Kom be loyal to you in your leadership. We advise you to practice politics with love. May your political practice unite us more and more. Encourage the education of your loving people wherever you go because true political practice flies on the wings of education. Encourage the children to study hard and take over from you when you are successfully gone because he/she who succeeds without a successor is a failure. We encourage you to continue in the direction of peace. Beware of selfish ambitions and know that after a successful political life comes judgment.

Our dear brothers and sisters, this letter is written to you in true love. It may spark the fury of the wicked but that is not our intention. We only intend to give you our little counsel hoping that the Government will continue to respond to the crisis in ways that will promote the dignity of the Kom people. Read the letter and keep it for progeny to appreciate because the truth therein will never die. Do not ask who we are to write to the Kom people but ask if our advice can rescue our innocent children from these wicket waters where they are drowning as victims of circumstances.

May peace continue to reign on our land and may God bless you.

We love you,

By the following members of Ikong-i-Kom:

Gilead Nkwain Ngam, Confidence Chia Ngam, Raphael Tosam, Joseph Tohmoh, Brunhilda Komtangi, Emmanuel Mbui, Stephen Waindim, Victorine Tah, Zebedee Chia, Eric Nkwi, Terence Akoni, Prasidis Wainkem, Timothy Fonchang, Clement Nguonain, Philip Njoh, Innocent Ngong, Kirian Jam and Edward Ndi.

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