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Anglophone crisis breeding crime wave in Nigeria, governor says

The Governor of Nigeria's Cross River State Ben Ayade has said the crisis in the North West and South West…

The Governor of Nigeria’s Cross River State Ben Ayade has said the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of neighbouring country Nigeria is threatening the internal security of his country as both parties in the war have been smuggling arms through his state.

Speaking at a security meeting at the weekend, Governor Ayade accused both the Ambazonia separatist fighters and the government of Cameroon of smuggling goods and arms through 27 illegal routes to Nigeria.

“Let me bring to the knowledge of Cross Riverians and indeed Nigerians that 80 percent of security issues we are dealing with is a as result of the war just by our borders,” Ben Ayade is quoted by The Daily Trust.

There is an “influx of persons into Nigeria through over 27 illegal routes, who smuggle in goods of different kinds, sell them and use the money to acquire arms, recruit our young men and women and use them as machineries to fight back home,” Governor Ayade added.

He cried out to the Nigerian government to assist his state in facing the security challenge that comes with the influx of Cameroonian refugees.

“I will not hesitate to cry out that Cross River State has been left hanging and crying in this crisis. Aside from the humanitarian effort in addressing the issues in food security in the refugee camps and the communal skirmishes, the state has not received any special incentives knowing that a war at your backyard is a war in your house,” he is quoted said.

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