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Anglophone lawmakers advocate Consortium leaders’ release

CPDM Senators and members of the lower house of parliament from the North West and South West regions have requested…

CPDM Senators and members of the lower house of parliament from the North West and South West regions have requested that President Biya should release everybody arrested within the on-going protest against a perceived marginalisation of English-speaking Cameroonians

Their demand is contained in a communique that sanctioned a meeting Senator Simon Achidi Achu, Vice President of the Senate, convened on February 15 in Bamenda, for them to deliberate on the crisis.

In a ten-point resolution, they appealed to the Head of State to “consider the call by the people for the release of all those held in (prisons) in connection to the crisis and appeal to the population for the immediate suspension of the on-going strike”. They also called on the President Biya who turned 85 on February 13, to hasten the implementation of the 1996 Constitution bearing on decentralisation.

The lawmakers expressed deep concern on the fact that schools and businesses have been paralysed in Anglophone regions and suggested that communities should set up vigilante groups. The vigilante group, they said, would work with administrative authorities in identifying dubious individuals who might infiltrate their localities. They also called on citizens to trust civil administrators and their powers ensure their security and safety.

They also commended the efforts President Biya for measures taken so far in an attempt to put an end to the crisis which have been shaking the region since October 2016.

National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in concurrence

The parliamentarians’ call for the release of people detained in relation to the on-going crisis, comes barely a day after that of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms. Dr Divine Chemuta Banda, Chairman of the NCHRF had earlier made the same call in Yaounde after presenting reports from two fact-finding missions which carried out investigations on alleged rights abuses in NW and SW region.

The commission proposed the unconditional release of detained leaders and minors, urged government to restore the internet in the North West and South West regions and called for the reopening of dialogue with a mediator between government and protesters. The rights organisation equally stressed the need for government to hasten the operationalisation of the Constitutional Council.

Dr. Fontem A. Neba, detained Consortium SG © Menchum Voice

Below is a non-exhaustive list of 85 citizens arrested in connection to the on-going protests in the North West and South West regions- as published by the leaders of the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium:

  1. Tite Nkwenkam Momemka(19 years arrested January 28 in bamenda for distributing tracts- accused of terrorism and detained in Yaounde)
  2. Chief Justice Ayah Paul
  3. Barrister Agbor Balla
  4. Dr Fontem Neba
  5. Penn Terence Khan
  6. Mancho Bibixy
  7. Elvis Ddzenyuy
  8. Veranso stephen
  9. Tatah Elvis
  10. Ngalim Felix
  11. Chi Conrad
  12. Muforchu Jean Pierre
  13. Tambou Cedric
  14. Tangwa Malvin
  15. Levala Brian
  16. Awuh Terence
  17. Aselacha Martin
  18. Away Dzenyagha Junior
  19. Munji Roland
  20. Awemo Joseph
  21. Hillary Ndonkeh
  22. Sunjo Diedonne
  23. Wenong Snow Moses
  24. Kingah Valentine
  25. Yusinyu Gerald
  26. Ndasi Julius
  27. Nkembu Anicet
  28. Kuyase Leonard
  29. Mungou Azeh
  30. Pang James
  31. Manyaika Gaston
  32. Eugene Ngeme
  33. Tah Emile
  34. Ngoumbe Zack
  35. Hans Achumba
  36. Pa Joe Ngwa Galim
  37. Tangko Blaise
  38. Ayeni Hyacinth
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