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‘Ambazonia War’ drowns SDF 28th Anniversary

Saturday, May 26, 1990 to Saturday, May 26, 2018, marked exactly 28 years after the creation of Cameroon’s frontline opposition…

Saturday, May 26, 1990 to Saturday, May 26, 2018, marked exactly 28 years after the creation of Cameroon’s frontline opposition political party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF).

But despite this monumental feat in the life of this political party in the democratisation process in Cameroon, militants of the party did not roll out their party’s drums to celebrate the party’s milestone.

Instead, the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, used the anniversary celebration of the party to visits villages and towns in the North West Regions that have been hardest hit by the war waged by Cameroon’s Head of State, Paul Biya, on those he termed “terrorists and secessionists.”

Fru Ndi’s condolence sojourn took him to Belo, Njinikom, Fundong and Pinyin. Speaking to reporters in Pinyin, the SDF Chieftain said:  “I have taken advantage of this 28th anniversary of the SDF party to visit all the affected villages and Sub-divisions where our people have been killed. I have repeatedly condemned killings on both sides. Nobody has the right to take another’s life. I was in Pinyin; I have been visiting places like Bello, Njinikom and Fundong. In these places, I carried SDF messages of condolences to the Fons and affected victims.  The SDF cannot be indifferent to the killing and sufferings of our people,” he said.

Fru Ndi, described the Menka-Pinyin killings as “gruesome”.  According to him, there were better ways in which the forces of law and order could have handled the situation rather than taking the lives of dozens of Cameroonians.

“The security forces could have just encircled the hotel and used their military tactics and intelligence to arrest those boys who were suspected to be armed robbers. The method which they used has led to the death of many civilians who joined the gang and those they gang members abducted.”

Fru Ndi took a subtle dig at those security forces who claimed that those who were killed in Pinyin were Amba Boys.

“Ambas do not steal goats, fowls, pigs and cows, and I have not heard any where that they have raped a woman. This is a liberation struggle, but, unfortunately, thieves have infiltrated their ranks. Biya must come down from his high horse and solve this problem that is escalating every day with more killings that are radicalising the youths.”