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Ambazonia threats force CPDM to tone down anniversary celebrations in Kumba

It was a low-key celebration at an almost empty party house in Kumba on Saturday as a handful of CPDM…

It was a low-key celebration at an almost empty party house in Kumba on Saturday as a handful of CPDM supporters mustered courage to set foot for their party’s 33 anniversary.

Heavily guarded by security forces, the party hall experienced one of the most bizarre CPDM anniversary celebrations in its history.

Orders from the party’s hierarchy for celebrations to hold only in Divisional headquarters could still not pull crowds from the Meme I, II, and III subsections that had to all converge on the party’s hall in Kumba.

Vigilant and alert, party supporters sneaked into the hall, some with their uniforms on while others could only dress up in party attire once they were sure of being in the comfort of the four walls of the party house. But why all the panic ?

Numerous threats from the Ambazonia fighters in Kumba have forced several militants in the area from top to bottom to deny themselves in a bid to save their heads.

CPDM Councillors of the various sub divisions in Meme(Mbonge, Konye…etc) were no where to be found as most have taken cover in  Kumba for fear of repraisals from Ambazonian forces who are are « monitoring » them.

A situation that got the Central Committee delegation head Benjamin Itoe fuming at the handful of militant present to assume responsibility of the choice made to support the party in these « trying and difficult moments ».

He called on the party’s supporters to brave the odds, put on their uniforms and be ready to put  their their body on the line for the party.

However, his call seems to have unsettled many a party militants who were disgruntled immediately the ceremony came to its close.

« How can he ask us to risk our lives for the party when he is not leading by eample ? » a furious militant asked as he watched the Benjamin Itoe drive past in his jeep heavily guarded by armed men policemen.

« He doesn’t put his uniform on, he can afford maximum security yet he wants us who have none of his privileges to come and risk our lives, » another militant blasted.

In a twinkle of an eye, the party house had been deserted as all the « big men » had been driven off under high escort by the security forces present leaving the ordinary militants with no option to take to their heels for fear of the unknown.

However, it can never be a CPDM-styled occasion without a motion of support for their « Chairman and natural » candidate Paul Biya to stand for re-election at the Presidential election later this year.

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