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Ambazonia forces render mourners stranded with Mayor’s corpse

It was a scene of shame and an ugly act to behold as mourners comprising of Mayors of the South…

It was a scene of shame and an ugly act to behold as mourners comprising of Mayors of the South West Region grouped under the umbrella of the United Cities and Councils of Cameroon, relatives, friends and well wishers of Alfred Mbonge Ngoe, deceased Mayor of EkondoTiti, were Saturday, March 17, 2018, left stranded at the Kumba District Hospital Mortuary with the late Mayor’s mortal remains.

The mourners have been given a tall order by the restoration forces not to transport the mortal remains of the deceased to the municipality where he served as municipal authority (Mayor). The tall order was followed up by the mounting of barricades on the Kumba –Ekondo Titi Road.

As the day dwindled down to hours, the mourners became restive and the deceased Mayor’s family members were forced to seek alternative means to dispose of the deceased corpse.

The departed Mayor’s family approached the municipal authority of Kumba III and solicited that the corpse should be interred in his area of command.

Meantime, all other funeral arrangements and huge mobilisation of the locals in Ekondo Titi to accord their fallen municipal authority their last respects were cancelled.

However, many of the mourners who turned up at the Kumba District Hospital Mortuary blamed the security operatives in Meme for bowing to such cheap threats from the gunmen and not ensuring the safe return of the mortal remains of the Mayor to his municipality for burial.

Going by them, if the security officers had decided to lead the funeral convoy, the Mayor, who served the country resolutely in his own right, would have successfully been transported to Ekondo Titi and given the burial he deserved.

The mourners said with such cowardly attitudes, the forces of law and order are giving the gunmen more powers to think that they are the ones calling the security shots in the South West Regions and not the Cameroonian troops.