Akere Muna cracking under pressure from Ama Tutu Muna

The Presidential candidate is seriously feeling the heat in the legal battle between him and his sister, the former Minister…

The Presidential candidate is seriously feeling the heat in the legal battle between him and his sister, the former Minister mof Arts and Culture Ama Tutu Muna after press conference to present his version of the story.

However, Ama Tutu Muna, who has been discrete since the matter was brought before the court has decided to speak out through her team, who have dismissed all claims made by Akere Muna on Thursday during a press conference.

Basing their arguments on a legal as well as personal basis, a spokesperson for Ama Tutu Muna said the fact Akere is bringing to the public a matter that is still pending before the courts shows he is already feeling the pressure  and want to use the move as an attempt to influence the courts.

The same courts Akere Muna is accusing today of trying to foil his presidential ambitions are the same courts where he has won several cases, a spokesperson for Ama Tutu Muna said.

Sources close to Ama Tutu Muna insist the former Minister of Culture has been providing a photocopy of her National Identification card to Akere Muna who is administrator of the family property left behind by their late father.

A family property which she has been sidelined from by the other brothers engineered by the administrator, Akere Muna who today is attracting the public’s pity by claiming his presidential bid is being sabotaged, Ama Tutu’s camp say.

They went ahead to list out what the term gross sidelining in administering the family property by city the case of the Muna clinic in Douala where their father had a considerable share but Ama Tutu has never had her proceeds for the past thirteen years.

All the houses left behind by her father, especially in Yaounde and Douala are occupied by her brothers and want to even seize that which she occupies in Ntamulung, Bamenda. She was even barred entry from her own father’s house in Mbengwi years ago all this culminating in her disappointment with their brother’s attitude and hence her legitimate right to fight back through the judiciary where she has placed all her confidence, her camp says.

With the matter set to come up again in court on June 26, 2018, Ama Tutu’s camp says they are silent as they have always been and are refraining from taking any public actions that might be seen as trying to influence the courts. She believes in the judiciary system and hopes for a fair hearing and resolution to the matter so that she gets what she is due.