Akere Muna accuses gov’t of backing sister to foil Presidential bid

Akere Muna has accused the government of attempting to foil his presidential ambitions by engineering his sister to engage into a…

Akere Muna has accused the government of attempting to foil his presidential ambitions by engineering his sister to engage into a succession battle of their father’s property.

Akere, who has who has declared to run for the Presidential election, was dragged to court earlier this year by sister and former Minister of Arts and Culture Ama Tutu Muna.

The former head of the Cameroon Bar Association, Akere Muna, has since denied charges of forgery and attempts to sideline his sister in the succession of property left by their late father, one of the architects of Cameroon’s reunification Solomon Tandeng Muna.

In a press conference to give his own version of facts on Thursday at his Bastos residence, Akere Muna didn’t pull a any punches in addressing his sister.

Akere Muna does not believe his sister can been engaging in such a battle after the family stood by her in all difficult moments, paying her debts and saving her from going bankrupt on several occasions.

He also dismissed the notion that he and his brothers are ganging up against their sister to sidelined her from the family property.

“All the family has done is to assist her in her business, pay her debts all along,  the only person who has benefitted to that degree from the estate is her(Ama Tutu Muna),” Akere Muna said.

“She has risked two buildings to be sold; my brother Humphrey (Muna) sold his only property …to pay her debt, my brother Humphrey was put to ridicule in Dakar(Senegal)…Hussiers(bailiffs) came to her house and carried all the thing outside to sell because of her debts

“So to think we will be ganging up against her is unfair and untrue,” Akere Muna cried out.

However, the former Batonnier feels the ensuing legal battle today is the handwork of the government through Justice Minister Laurent Esso, who want to foil his presidential ambition.

“I am a declared candidate for the presidency, the Ministry of Justice is campaigning for another candidate (incumbent Paul Biya), if I am sentenced to jail (then) I am disqualified to be a candidate. I can only assume that if I am sentenced to a prison term, it will serve the other candidate, hence his surrogate,” Akere lashed out.

“So I don’t think there is any doubt about the fact that this matter is being handled from somewhere else and I can only see the Ministry of Justice.

He went ahead to reveal the case has ltaken a heavy toll on him financially as well as in his various legal battles but has vowed not to give up and even promised a “tsunami” if he was to be disqualified from the presidential race as a result of the successionn battle.

Ama Tutu, last of the Munas has remained tight-lipped since her brother’s outing but a close aid who was contacted by journalducameroun.com dismissed all claims made by Akere Muna and promised to retaliate at the “appropriate” time.