AfDB new policy prioritises Africa water security – official

A new policy by the African Development Bank will look to prioritise Africa's water security, according to the Atsuko Toda,…

A new policy by the African Development Bank will look to prioritise Africa’s water security, according to the Atsuko Toda, the AfDB’s agriculture, human and social development acting VP.In a statement Today said the AfDB’s new water policy will be geared toward transforming water facilities with a voew to giving fresh impetus to sustainable, green and inclusive economic growth in member countries.

According to the AfDB official, the new policy hinges on four basic principles the first of which is to realise water security at household, national and regional levels.

Another include the equitable distribution of social and economic welfare of millions of people in its member countries.

as a third principle the AfDB is also promoting sustainable and equitable access to water services as a facilitator of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Tudo said the fourth principle will deal with recognising the need for transboundary water resources  management and development as a means of achieving regional economic integration and a catalyst to conflict resolution.

“The policy aims to promote the Africa-wide attainment of a minimum platform of water security, with a special focus on areas of fragility,  as well as assist African countries and sub-regional groups harness and  sustain water resources productivity potential to support development” Tudo said.

To these ends, the AfDB’s water policy will be implemented by a committee which will be mandated, equipped and resourced to intervene on water issues affecting member nations. 

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