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7 killed in ghastly accident

A deadly car auto crash along the Yaoundé -Bafoussam highway left over seven people dead and over 40 others seriously…

A deadly car auto crash along the Yaoundé -Bafoussam highway left over seven people dead and over 40 others seriously injured. The fatal road accident which occurred around Bandjoun in the West region happened when a 70-seater bus belonging the General Express bus agency collided with a heavy duty truck around 4 am.

According to eyewitness reports, gendarmes confirmed 6 deaths on the spot while the seventh person, the driver of the bus died shortly upon arrival in hospital.

The injured were immediately rushed to the Mbo-Bandjoun Protestant hospital and the Bafoussam regional hospital.

According to eyewitness reports, the accident occurred at about 4:10 am Friday morning between the 70-seater General bus immatriculated LT 202 FG from Yaoundé and a container carrier immatriculated LT 420 AM from Bafoussam.

A passenger from the General Express bus who left the bus without a scratch recounted that the truck which was coming from the opposition direction was not very concentrated and so plunge into their car. The collision resulted in six death on the spot.

West regional Governor, Fonka Awa Augustine informed of the tragedy immediately rushed to the scene to take stock. From the scene, the Governor made two stops, first at the Protestant Hospital were 28 wounded where receiving treatment and at the Bafoussam regional hospital where over 9 persons were under serious medical treatment, to comfort the wounded. It was here that the death was announced of the driver of the General Express bus taking the number of deaths to seven.

The Governor immediately ordered investigations to determine the real cause of the accident. Meantime, in another yet related development, an 8-year-old girl lost her life in Meiganga in the Adamawa region after violent river currents pushed away their transport vehicle from a makeshift bridge in River Lom.