6000 youths stuck in MIDA financial scam

The Government of Cameroon is forced to clean up a mess which it has tolerated and is costing Cameroonian youths…

The Government of Cameroon is forced to clean up a mess which it has tolerated and is costing Cameroonian youths billions of Francs CFA.

The  Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary released a communiqué at the weekend assuring the public that the government will reimburse victims who have been defrauded of huge sums of money by a certain non-governmental organisation, the Mission for the Integration and Development for Africa, known in its French acronym as MIDA.

In a communiqué signed issued by the communication Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the Government will take measures to reimburse funds invested by youths in the « fictitious organisation ».

The Minister’s communiqué came at the weekend as over 6.000 youths who had registered for the MIDA program remain in the dark after the Senior Divisional Officer for the Mfoundi suspended the activities of the organisation earlier in the week.

Jean Claude Tsila who had stormed the premises of the organisation at the Ahala neighbourhood in Yaounde accused them of defrauding and corrupting the youths before ordering security forces to shut down the organisation.

This happened infront of many youths who had lined up to receive their benefits from their savings at the organisation sending most of them into panic and desparation. Many of them have invested and spent large sums of money in order to reap profits after a « training » offered them which only the organisation masters.

Peter (not his real name), is a victim of the scam as met him on the site following the the SDO’s closure, to explain how the MIDA scheme works.

“They offered to train us in first aid for the prevention of civil and military crises. Thus, we had to pay  the sum of 12. 500 CFA francs, and 13 000 CFA francs during the training for the purchase of documents for our various files. We were promised that after one week of training, we would receive 63,000 CFA francs. Basically they promised to double our basic registration fees, based on the number of persons we could convince to adhere, and help in their training.  The more you bring in persons, the greater your gain,”he explains.

However, on the Facebook page of the organisation, the organisation makes no mention of financial stakes involved in the training.

“The MIDA Institute for the Prevention of Civil and Military Crises is established legally as a company whose main activity lies in the provision of services, expertise in criminology, forensics, mediation, negotiation, conciliation and social reintegration, has a Registry RC / YAO / 2016 / A / 5756 as registered at the Registry “, reads a statement published on April 17.

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