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24 farmers’ groups in Kumbo receive farm inputs to boost yields

Some 24 groups in Kikaikom, K3, village in Kumbo, Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon have received…

Some 24 groups in Kikaikom, K3, village in Kumbo, Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon have received fertilizers to boost better yields as the farming season reaches its most important peak.

Receiving the subsidized fertilizers recently, the people of Kikaikom thanked the Village Development Association, VDA, for the initiative that is aimed at helping them harvest better yields this farming season. Subsidized by the VDA, Wonkom Development and Cultural Association, WODA, the inhabitance of the village received closed to 438 bags or Urea and 20.10.10 fertilizers.

Speaking at the ceremony, the coordinator of the fertilizer project, Fanka Roland called on the people of K3 to remain united and distance themselves from persons that have planned to cause confusion and divide the village for personal aims. “My dear people of Kikaikom, we can only succeed if we work together as one family. If we want to emerge as a village in the coming years, we must be united and distance ourselves from persons whose duty is to cause confusion in the village,” Fanka Roland stated.

Going by him, the realisation of the fertilizer project is as a result of the unity and collaboration of the various groups of the village that have decided to embraced togetherness and forget personal differences. “The success of this project is as a result of your decision to forget personal differences and work together. I urged you to continue in that spirit,” Fanka Roland concluded.

On his part, the Vice President of WODA, Emmanuel Wirdzerem enjoined all the people of K3 to fight towards alleviating poverty from the village. To him, engaging in agriculture is the best decision that highly pays.

Meanwhile, groups expressed satisfaction to the VDA for continues efforts geared towards improving their yields. According to the secretary of the Unity Group of Mbukui, Mary Budzee, “her first appreciations go to the WODA executive who have remained steadfast in the plight of their people.” She said for this season, they are expecting to harvest better products.

Unlike last year that only 148 bags of Urea and 40 bags of 20.10.10 was shared, the number this year doubled as a total of 315 bags of Urea and 128 of 20.10.10 was given out. Bihkong Group of Takov received the highest number of bags – 72 bags while Bongbahti of Shohta-ah and Bongyang of Mbukui followed with 51 and 32 bags respectively.

In its second year, the fertilizer project is one out of the many projects initiated by the present executive of WODA. Presently, the VDA is constructing two water catchments to boast the availability of water in the village. Scholarships, regular maintenance of roads and the possible extension of the electricity within the village as well as presence of the village health center are just the many projects currently under execution.