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2018 Presidential election: Campaigns officially begin today

Campaigns ahead of the Presidential election have officially open in accordance to the electoral code which requires campaign to start…

Campaigns ahead of the Presidential election have officially open in accordance to the electoral code which requires campaign to start two weeks before the election.

Ahead of the election scheduled for October 7, the various candidates have put in place various strategies to woo voters across the country.

Paul Biya, bids for seventh term

The incumbent Paul Biya begins convincing the electorate to offer him the opportunity to serve them for a seventh mandate but it is not yet certain if the “Lion man” will be on the field to campaign. Big wigs of his party have been touring the nation in the past week to present the revised edition of his book “Communal Liberalism”. Supporters of the Cameroon’s Peoples Democratic Movement have contributed enough for his campaign that will be launched on Saturday in Bamenda by the Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

Joshua Osih, Afanwi, Matomba storm the Mungo

The Mungo Division in the Littoral region will be the centre of attraction as it will play host to three Presidential candidates the same day. The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Joshua Osih will kick off with his caravane from Douala heading to the Mungo where he will make his first stop in Dibombari to launch his campaign. Serge Espoir Matomba will be in Mbanga to launch his campaign while Franklin Ndifor Afanwi will will tour at least three localities in the Division on the same day, according to his speokesperson.

Maurice Kamto kicks off in Douala

The flag bearer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto launches his campaign in Douala with two rallies starting in the morning in Bonaberi. He will hold a second rally in the afternoon at the collège Saint Michel before setting his sights to the Sanaga Maritime Division where he will continue the next day.

Akere Muna starts with convention

The leader of the Now Movement and flag bearer of the Popular Front for Development, Akere Muna would start his campaign in Yaounde with a convention that will bring together delegates at the Yaounde Conference Centre. He will present his polical program as well as his vision for Cameroon before presenting a detailed campaign schedule.

Garga Haman puts final touches

On his part, the leader of the Alliance for Democracy and Development, ADD Garga Haman Adji on Friday September 21 chaired a meeting to finalise preparations for the campaign. A spokesperson for the party Daniel Mpom told journalducameroun.com that a schedule will be released immediately after approval from the party’s hierarchy.

Adamou Ndam Njoya still mute

Despite eyebrows raised by the media and public opinion, the leader of the Cameroon Democratic Union CDU, Adamou Ndam Njoya has so far remained mute. However, a spokesperson of his party said they are rounding off with preparations and will present their schedule to the public appropriately.