Elecam power tussle could jeopardize elections

A rift between a faction loyal to the board chair and another firmly behind the Director General could plunge the…

A rift between a faction loyal to the board chair and another firmly behind the Director General could plunge the electoral board in confusion ahead of crucial elections later this year.

The tussle had been boiling within the corridors of Elecam for the past months but came to lamp light at the weekend when board members held a meeting in Yaounde to pass a vote of no confidence to the Director General Abdoulaye Babale, accusing him of mismanaging human and financial resources.

According to a communiqué signed by the board chair of Elecam Enow Abrams Egbe, the Director General has been found wanting amongst others, repeated failure to attend statutory sessions aimed at hamonization ahead of the upcoming elections.

According to the communiqué, Mr. Babal’s actions has demotivated Elecam staff and taken a serious dent on the body’s image on the eve of elections.

However, the Board could only fall short by establishing the gross misconduct charge on Abdoulaye Babalaye with the decision to fire him resting on the Head of State who was at the time reported to be in Mvomeka’a for the burial of his nephew who perished in a military accident in Limbe a couple of weeks ago.

Babale’s fightback

Abdoulaye Babale had already seen the writings on the wall even before Friday’s event and in an attempt to win part of the Elecam staff to his side, oraganised a seminar for all Elecam staff nationwide between the 22-24 May in Douala, Garoua and Yaounde.

According to an Elecam insider, the were all placed on mission allowances and financial benefits which was the first time such was happening under Abdoulaye Babale.

During the three-day seminar aimed at training Elecam workers of handling celections in a democratic setting, Abdoulaye Babale announce that 253.000 news voters had been registered on the electoral lists by the 10 of May.

He used the opportunity to distribute 720 new electoral kits to Elecam Regional heads which will in turn be distributed at the various divisional and sub divisional levels.

Abdoulaye Babale also addressed the status of several Elecam staffs who were set to go on strike either because of their status within the organisation of their financial benefits. He blamed the situation on administrative bottlenecks and hitches which he inherited from his predecessor but promised them their situation will be normalized before the elections.

While Abdoulaye Babale was giving assurances to Elecam staff on May 24, the Board was thus meeting to charge him of gross misconduct.

Analysts hold this tussle between the Board Chair and the Director General might seriously jeopardise the organisation of elections in the country given that its has created two camps within the organisation.

This is not the first time Elecam is witnessing a tussle at the helmn with Fonkam Azu’u and Mohaman Sani Tanimou swept aside from the organisation after they failed to settle their differences.

Many have been tipping Abdoulaye Babale to swept away from the house since he published first figures of Senatorial results on the night of the polls only to be pressured to publish contradicting figures less than 24 hours later.

Whoever comes out on top in this latest soap at Elecam, the real battle however lies on the field especially in the two English-speaking regions where violence could pose a big threat to the conduct of the elections.


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